14th May 2023 Current Affairs

14th May 2023 Current Affairs

14th May 2023 Current Affairs: Key Highlights

Today’s post highlights significant happenings as reported on 14th May 2023. From administrative shuffles in Tamil Nadu to landmark court settlements, significant steps in IT infrastructure, insurance advancements, health and medical updates, and sociopolitical developments in Manipur, we’ve got it all covered.

Major Administrative Changes in Tamil Nadu Government

An array of postings and transfers have unfolded in the Tamil Nadu government. Key assignments include the appointment of N. Muruganandam as Secretary I to the Chief Minister and T. Udhayachandran as Principal Secretary to the Finance Department. For more details about the reshuffle, visit our Telegram Channel and search for #thehinduCA.

Tamil Nadu’s Second National Lok Adalat Settles Over 80,000 Cases

The second National Lok Adalat of 2023 in Tamil Nadu resolved 80,655 cases and awarded ₹421.70 crore. The Tamil Nadu State Legal Services Authority (TNSLSA) accomplished this feat by constituting 442 Lok Adalat benches across the state, providing justice swiftly and efficiently.

Tamil Nadu’s IT/ITeS Infrastructure Expansion

The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) has invited bids to appoint a consultant to promote existing spaces in IT parks and land banks earmarked for the IT/ITeS sector across the state. The initiative aims to identify potential clients for the IT/ITeS spaces and land banks to reach full occupancy in all parks.

TNPSC Group 1 Test Series 2023

TNPSC Group 1 Test Series 2023

TNPSC Group 1 Test Series 2023 TNPSC GROUP 1 PRELIMINARY TEST SERIES 2023 – 120 DAYS PLAN  BATCH STARTS ON March 3rd, 2023 Till June…


Kerala’s First Fully Insured Ward

Kalangummukal, a rural area in Kerala’s Kollam district, has emerged as the state’s first fully insured ward. All residents aged between 5-70 years have been provided with insurance coverage against accidental death and disability, marking a first-of-its-kind initiative in India.

Long COVID: An Ongoing Global Health Issue

Defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the continuation or development of new symptoms beyond three months after the initial infection, long COVID is a significant global health concern. With no approved drugs for treatment yet, multiple clinical trials are underway, highlighting the importance of pandemic mitigation measures.

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: A Glimpse into the Future

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy (MRT), a reproductive technique aimed at preventing mitochondrial diseases in children, is gaining recognition worldwide. The UK was the first to approve MRT in 2015, with Australia following suit in 2022.

Manipur’s Meitei Community Seeks Scheduled Tribe Status

The Meitei community, comprising 53% of Manipur’s population, is demanding Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the protection of their ancestral land, traditions, culture, and language. The demand has sparked debates and conflicts, highlighting the complex sociopolitical fabric of the region.

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14th May 2023 Current Affairs

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