general do's and dont's for tnpsc interview


Before we attend the oral test, there are few things that we need to keep in our mind. 
Have a look on these suggestions, that will surely help your interview preparation
1. Mostly the interview panel members will be very senior, we need to address them with atmost care.
2. If they ask anything about Social issue, you just tell only the authenticated information, don’t tell any stories or rumours because that may irritate the panel members.
3. Avoid asking the previous candidates interview questions and all, because for each candidate they will change their questions accordingly.
4. Be precise in your answers, don’t give any sweeping/generalized statements.
5. If you really don’t know the answer, accept your mistakes boldly.
6. Be polite and courteous to them.
7. Strictly avoid using any chewing gums or any other munching items because that may create a negative and careless attitude among the panel members.
8. Never criticise government schemes or policies, not even any government officials.
9. Address everyone with their correct designation.
10. Use Hon’ble whenever and wherever necessary (especially before addressing governor and president).
11. Don’t be too argumentive during interview.
12. Always be consistent in your views, if panel members try to provoke, don’t change your views.
13. Have a good eye contact with panel members, that will create a positive impact among them.
14. Have a sound sleep before night because that will keep you refreshed and relaxed.
15. Orelse you may look like a fuzzy head and may portrayed as a confused Personality.
16. This may leads to neither grasp the questions properly and think clearly.
17. Avoid talking rapidly. Just speak slowly and in clear manner so that board members can understand what you try to convey and they won’t ask you to repeat it again.
18. Be updated with the current affairs because most of them will ask about it.
19. Even if they provoke you, you need to be calm.
20. Believe that all the questions are raised with a good reason and answer them according
Finally, My suggestion is

Show our true colours while in hot waters – try to resemble tea leaves

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