Tnpsc general science Preparation strategy with where to study


TNPSC General Science is one of the important areas which many aspirants find difficult to prepare.
Many will ignore this area since the number of questions from this topic is less.
But in order to get the desired cut off, general science plays a crucial role.
During the previous syllabus, the number of questions asked out of 200 was almost 25 to 30.
But now as per new syllabus, the number of questions asked in model question paper released by TNPSC was just 15 Questions.
It doesn’t mean that we should ignore this topic, we need to study only the important units in order fetch high marks.
We can expect Questions like Assertion and reason, day to day life Questions from this topic.
For example, if they asked 15 Questions from general science, we can almost answer 7 to 8 Questions, these questions will be too simple that everyone can answer.
If we missed that Questions, it will surely trouble the aspirants.
In order to ease your preparation, I have attached a PDF in it.
Just study the underlined units so that we won’t miss that 7 to 8 Questions.
Give more importance to health and hygiene & human diseases topic.
Because after that COVID lockdown, Questions setters may try to ask more questions from it.
So don’t skip those units.
Pay more attention to old book 12th std Bio Zoology Unit 1 – Human Physiology Questions.
This unit exceeds 100 pages, but it worth having a read.
This strategy is completely based on my personal experience.
If you like my strategy, you can gladly use it.
I have attached my pdf here. It is password protected.
PASSWORD: ASPIRANT (in upper case)
If you want to watch my general science strategy video, you can watch it here.

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