What is “Collective Conscience” invoked by Indian Courts in Death Penalty cases?

What is “Collective Conscience” invoked by Indian Courts in execution cases?
▪ Project 39A was conducted by a team of National Law University, Delhi. consistent with the project, the Indian Courts invoke “Collective Conscience” of the execution cases.
✔ Project details
▪ The study chose three states and Union Territories namely Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Maharashtra. 
✔ Findings
▪ The study has acknowledged that around between 2000 and 2015, 72% of cases of Delhi trial courts that awarded execution has invoked “Collective Conscience”. In Madhya Pradesh, this was invoked in 42% of execution cases and in Maharashtra it had been invoked in 51% of execution cases.
✔ Recommendations of Law Commission
▪ The Law Commission in 2015, headed by Justice A P Shah proposed to abolish capital punishments. India is one of few countries that also perform executions. the opposite countries that practice executions include Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia , China. By the top of 2014, 98 countries had abolished execution .

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