The Dress code for an interview is crucial than any other thing. It can be understood by a famous Tamil proverb

Aal Paathi Aadai Paathi


These are some of the points that you should remember while going for an interview

1. Go to an interview in a professional manner like Proper formals for male (like blue shirt and black pant) and for female, they can go in a cotton saree or decent kurti/salwar.

2. Your dress should be pleasing and it should bring confidence within you (never forgets this).

3. Use ironed clothes, polished shoes.

4. Men have to shave inorder to look perfect for an interview.

5. Women can tie their hair, avoid loose hair because it may disturb you during the interview process.

6. Avoid new dresses during interview because it you may feel uncomfortable for the first time use.

7. Avoid using cosmetics because it may even irritate the TNPSC panel members.

8. Women can use lighter shade lipsticks or never use lipsticks.

9. Don’t go for darker shade dresses because it may not look professional.

10. Be careful while having food after dressing, if we are tensed,  we may even strain our dress during eating (since it is light colour it may look odd).

11. Going in a saree is not compulsory for women candidates, but saree will boost the confidence among them.

12. Never use heavy perfumes because may be some of the panel members hate using it, it even bring headache to them (that can reflect in our slab marks 😅)

13. If you have cold or other issues, take proper medications earlier, and also have a handkerchief with you but tissue paper is preferable.

14. Have a very light meal like idly on that day, avoid non veg or heavier meal.

15. Never go for an interview in a empty stomach, this may bring drowsiness while attending interview (since it last 3-4 hours)

16. Don’t wear any rope or neck chain with pendents that reveal your religion or your community.

17. Trim your nails too this even matters a lot to them (that shows how disciplined you are).

First impression is always the best impression

Attract and create the best impression in a first few minutes of your interview that will matter a lot than answering their questions.

My last advice

Look professional, answer professionally and get your desired profession from them

For more details, you can watch my video


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